Special Episode: Rosemary Hunter Presentation Part 2

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In this special episode of the Scarlet Letter, we present Part 2 of a seminar by Professor Rosemary Hunter of Queen Mary University in London.

Professor Hunter discusses the Feminist Judgements Project and her research on how feminist ideology impacts the judicial process.

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New Podcast: Interview Dr Ronli Sifris

The next podcast in the Scarlet Letter series from the Monash Feminists Legal Studies Group is now live on Soundcloud and iTunes.

This month, we feature feminist and health law academic Dr Ronli Sifris whose work discuses on women’s reproductive rights. In this interview, Ronli considers how her own family history has made her a feminist and discusses her work on abortion law reform, surrogacy regulation and the impact of safe access zone legislation.

Interviewers for this episode are Dr Azadeh Dastyari and Tamara Wilkinson.