The Scarlet Letter Episode 25: Law Needs Feminism Because with Mary Pirozek


Mary Pirozek #LawNeedsFeminismBecause, Monash University, Michelle MacFarlane Photgraphy 2019


In this episode of the Scarlet letter, Tamara chats to one of our current law students, Mary Pirozek, who is implementing the Law Needs Feminism Because project at Monash University. Mary explains the origins and importance of this exciting exhibition, which is currently on display in the Law Library.

Check out the latest episode of our podcast, the Scarlet Letter.

Law Needs Feminism Because at Monash University is a ground-breaking project which involves the exhibition of a series of 31 candid, powerful photographic portraits designed to challenge viewers, raise questions and spark conversations about gender in the law (and the legal profession). The portraits are of Monash male and female law students, staff and alumni.

Our Monash Law exhibition will be the first Australian use of the successful Law Needs Feminism Because format used at 18 universities across Canada and the US. Students who have participated in the project in North America have reported better preparation for professional practice, deeper engagement with curriculum, closer relationships among student cohorts and greater engagement in research practice. Vanita Sachdeva, the McGill law student who started the first LNFB project has said of the impact of the photos: “Turns out the conversation wasn’t as passé as we thought – students were yearning for a venue to talk about their experiences, wanting to show their support, and students looking for mentors.” This project is supported by the Monash Feminist Legal Studies Group, the Law Library and Monash Education Academy.

If you’d like to follow the social media campaign, one portrait is being released each day in August on instagram and facebook.

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