New Podcast: Dr Azadeh Dastyari

A new episode of podcast of the feminist Legal studies Group, which we call the Scarlet Letter, has just been released.

Feminism fire F

In episode 4 of the Scarlet Letter, Dr Azadeh Dastyari links her activist upbringing in Iran to her current work on offshore processing centres  for asylum seekers and how reading feminists such as Virginia Woolf and Catharine MacKinnon as a teenager was the bridge to her current explorations of power and abuse of power by governments. You can listen to find out why Azadeh was arrested and imprisoned with her mother and how her name reflects her work.

Azadeh profile photo

Dr Azadeh Dastyari

This podcasts features Dr Ronli Sifris asking the hard questions and, guest interviewer, Tamara Wilkinson, researcher in the Faculty of Law at Monash University.

You can find the Scarlet Letter via Soundcloud, iTunes or the RSS feed.


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