Monash Feminist Legal Studies Group: Who We Are and What We Blog

Welcome to the blog of the Feminist Legal Studies Group at Monash Faculty of Law in Australia. Here, we  post about our research. 

Our aim is to make a difference to the lives of women by understanding women’s subordination and contributing to law and policy reform.

You can find out more about us here and you can follow us on Twitter here.

We also produce the podcast series, The Scarlet Letter in which we interview legal feminists about their work and feminisms.

The Feminist Legal Studies Group is known for its remarkable interdisciplinarity, enabling us to approach comprehensively the problems that plague women’s lives, from multiple perspectives. Areas of law covered include feminist perspectives on human trafficking and human rights, refugee rights, torts law,environmental law, public law, family law, commercial law, taxation law, copyright reform, dispute resolution, legal practice, conceptions of legal personality and politico-legal theory. 

Our six areas of particular research strength are

  1. family violence; 
  2. alcohol, drugs and gender; 
  3. the impact of energy policy/climate change upon women; 
  4. women’s economic empowerment (including labour rights, taxation, unpaid work, privacy); 
  5. women, poverty and international movement; 
  6. reproductive health and abortion reform.

You can look up individual researchers who are part of our group here and find out more about the gender aspects of our research here.

The convenors of our group are

  • Dr Becky Batagol, Senior Lecturer E |
  • Dr Janice RichardsonAssociate Professor E |


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